Lumen Prints

Next up, Lumens! These Lumens are photograms made on photographic paper. The process is a good way to experiment with expired photo paper if you have it lying around. Different papers exposed to UV rays on bright day will give you a wide variety of colors and to extend the life of those colors our class chose to scan our images digitally instead of using a chemical fixer. I did spray my finished images with a UV resistant clear coat to see if that would keep the whole image from continuing to develop, but the jury is still out on the effectiveness of this route.

The beauty of making lumens is that you can use just about anything that you are able to place upon the paper. I chose to stick with mostly vegetative type materials that I could collect around my yard. My favorite images are of the morning glories as the sunlight pierced through the delicate flower petals to reveal the internal structure of the plant. I ended up with a massive amount of these prints because it was so easy and fun to experiment. Here are a few to give you an idea the final product.



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