My Pretties, My Precious.

This week is a work in progress week in my alt process class. I have some cyanotype prints completed (that I am happy with), but they are not scanned yet. I will wait until I am more near completion on the cyanotypes, vandyke browns, and ziatypes before I share.

So, this week I am posting work from last semester. I have a habit of picking up found ‘nature’ objects. I was always the child with the twig, rock, fossil, and/or feather in my pocket, to this day I still consider them to be my treasures. My habitual collecting when coupled with all the Geology trips I went on during my undergrad years developed my childhood rock hoarding to a whole new level!! I do not have a lot of exploratory time during my semester (nor mountains of rocks in my backyard) so I decided to re-explore objects that I already had as a way to re-connect with the object, place, or trip on which the object was found, and to try and see them in a new and different way.

To that end, I started shooting macro images and worked on some abstractions of the objects. As the semester concluded, I found that while some of the details of the abstractions were absolutely lovely it was actually still the connection to each particular object that I enjoyed. I found it really difficult to push the abstractions past what the object really was. My audience enjoyed the shots that left them guessing, but I had a personal connection to the objects and that seemed to want to be visibly present.

I guess each viewer gets to decide what works for them, and I am not going to label the objects for this blog post. If you really want to know, just ask! But, you are liable to get one of those long reminiscing answers. 😉

Here are my pretties for your viewing pleasure:

untitled-82  untitled-80 copyuntitled-48 untitled-43 untitled-33 untitled-25 untitled-24 untitled-23 untitled-15 March3-19 InsideOut_brighter Colony


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