Cross Section of Spring

Spring has sprung after a long, cold winter, and I could not resist getting outside for my last couple projects of the semester.  For this project, I wanted to specifically focus on Spring so I decided to make images of little slivers and cross sections (literally) of spring.  It was a lot of fun to cut little pieces in half and peak at the inner unfolding of Spring at the same time that it is visibly unfolding around us.  Some images are more literal than others, but one of my favorites ended up being the beetles (NOT CUT IN HALF) as I had caught part of their first emergence into the world and Spring.  Chester_Conceptual_14.-5

All the images contain bits of nature that I either collected specifically for the images or ‘found’ nature objects that I had previously collected and decided to put to good use (the beetles were not collected just briefly photographed).  I collect bits of nature the same way that crows like to collect shiny objects.  I have been doing this since childhood and sometimes I do not even remember putting something in my pocket. I never collect live animals or bug specimens, but bones, feathers, bug exo-skeletons/wings, rocks, bits of bark, and a lot more make their way into my spaces (my other is very relaxed about this and even helps me scout bits and pieces).  It was nice to use some of these to help create backgrounds, texture, and concept, and in case of the bird’s nest my own, inaccurate to nature, re-creation of a little nest scene.  I think will further pursue little set-ups of my favorite finds as I often do use them in crafty projects, but this semester they have started to make their way into my photography.

(Not accurate to one bird type or nature, this is a scene I created)

(Not accurate to one bird type or nature, this is a scene I created)

I ended up printing these at 5×7 inches and putting them in white 8×10 matte boards.  It was really nice not to have to cut, trim, or make weirdly sized images work.  So hooray for standard sizes and a simple tape job. 🙂

quick cell phone capture

quick cell phone capture



Chester_Conceptual-27 untitled-82Chester_Conceptual-15 Chester_Conceptual-12 Chester_Conceptual-8

Happy Springing to those of you that get to enjoy the seasonal change, and to those of you with different seasons I hope you enjoy this small glimpse.



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