Red Umbrella, ella, ella

The background assignment for these images is same for 17.  Each person in the class received a red umbrella and we were to create a cohesive series of images that incorporated the use the of the prop. My images began at first as a concept of personality as told by legs, but developed into more as the project progressed.


Once I dug into this series I started to really enjoy the project.  The umbrella mixed really well with different narratives, scenes, and atmospheric conditions to create the perfect sense of mystery that combined well with the graphic pop of its shape and color.








If you have any favorites let me know, I have to decide what to print for my end of semester portfolio.


3 thoughts on “Red Umbrella, ella, ella

  1. I think these are some of my most favorite of your images! So many lovely ones to choose from! #’s 8,9, and 10 I think are my absolute favorites but there are many other favorites! The lighting in each photo really draws me in and the composition’s are just breathtaking. Wonderful!

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  2. I agree with Kenzie, these are some of the strongest images I have seen from you! Great job! My favorite one is the second one because you can see through the umbrella. Beautiful lighting as well.

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