Brookside Mansion

Brookside Mansion, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana

The sweet yet ornery melody!

The sweet yet ornery melody!


This was a fun assignment. We were given the freedom of a Sunday afternoon in the historic Brookside Mansion on the campus of the University of Saint Francis. The only requirement was a suite of 20 plus images and to make sure to be both a hunter and a gather of photos, essentially to make sure we both created images and found images within the space.

I decided to build my photo-shoot around the concept of children wandering and playing in this very adult space. My friend, Erin, allowed me to borrow both of her daughters as models and helped with the shoot. Because they are young, the more we let them play and relax in the environment the better they responded for the photographs. Also, the surroundings were so gorgeous and my models were so cute that I could not resist taking multiple portraits of both of the girls along with the images of them interacting and playing within the mansion.



untitled-17untitled-15 untitled-12 untitled-11 untitled-10   untitled-7

I am really quite happy with the results of this shoot, which I cannot really say for a lot of my images this semester. The space and their presence combined rather successfully in some instances and in others became more portrait -like. The portraits feel like they could be placed in fancy, ornate frames and hung on the wall as a family photo type images that incorporate home. For that reason, when I look at the images I still get that future generation, passage of time feel. I really felt the presence of the past within the space due to its history and ornate
architecture. I think there are several images that represent that passage of time and past presences quite well even though we were not particularly doing a historical type shoot.


untitled-13You never know what you are going to get when you work with kids, but my two little models were fantastic, and the more they enjoyed the space and became excited about it the more fun we had!

Special Thanks to Erin and Wally.  🙂


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