American Contemporary Families at Artlink

Last fall I spent the semester creating a body of work for a documentary story telling project and I decided to focus close to home. I documented the lives of a really close group of friends who have become family interspersed with my biological family. The end goal of the project was to create a photo book. Here is a brief description that goes along with the book:

Are your friends your family? We all like to say that you cannot choose your family, but this book represents what happens when you do! The images in this book document the lives of several families who have crossed the boundaries of friendship and become framily. A modern take on living, loving, and integrating lifestyles down to what is most important, the people we surround ourselves with.

I am excited to share that the book was accepted into Artlink’s current exhibition called American Contemporary Families and will be on display until April 15. Also of interest, at Artlink is Cara Wade’s Travels in Plastic, which documents her travels as seen through the viewfinder of a Holga or Sprocket Rocket, two types of toy/plastic cameras. The images are super fun and include the peculiarities of the cameras along with Cara’s eye for colorful, layered captures of her world travels. I also have a new sense of admiration for what she is able to do with these cameras after spending a portion of this semester ‘brown’ thumbing and killing film (repeatedly) with a Holga.

To end this post here are a few shots of the Framily enjoying the last vestiges of winter.  Some runs were more successful than others and I can attest, both from dodging incoming sleds and a couple of terrifying slides down, the hill was super fast this day!!!!

low res-1

Not being able to see is not just cold on the face there is a tree/brush line that approaches quite quickly at the bottom!

low res-2 low res-3

This hill is a giant sand dune that was created through quarrying!! It is quite the workout to go up no matter the season.

low res-4 low res-5


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