Take a Hike!

Double digit temps, sunshine, and a borrowed macro lens were enough to tempt me out further than my backyard.  Technically, I was in a bigger version of my backyard, but I had to hike in so it counts.  I poke around outside quite a bit, even in winter, but it was nice to spend a dedicated chunk of time out and about enjoying the gorgeous late afternoon shadows, clouds, and critter trails.  Critter trails are one of my favorite parts of snow, they make me so much more aware of the wildlife that usually is long gone from my stomping about.

Here are a few shots from my hike:


Shadow ‘Selfie’

The way out is the way in.

The way out is the way in.

Peek A Moon

Peek A Moon

Cloud Perfection

Cloud Perfection

hike-13 hike-12

Cotton Trail

Cotton Trail

hike-9 hike-8

Critter Central

Critter Central

Solitude, just me and the critters.

Solitude, just me and the critters.

hike-5 hike-4

Afternoon Delight

Branch Out

hike-2 hike-1


2 thoughts on “Take a Hike!

  1. these are great! There’s something journalistic about these photographs, I could very well see these in a hiking magazine of some sort. I like how to paid attention to the small delicate pieces of nature as well as the big picture, very lovely!

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  2. Your macro shots look great! I especially like the interesting shadows you captured. I think it adds a new level beyond just typical landscape shots.


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