Brian Wood, Nature Photography at Eagle Marsh

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I had the chance to listen to Brian Wood, a local photographer speak about his nature photography this week at the Aboite Township Library.  It was a lovely session where Brian went through a large body of work and presented his hours of hunting wildlife photography.  He spends a lot of time at Eagle Marsh among other places and I was introduced to his work through the Little River Wetlands Project’s Facebook page ( where you can view a wide sampling of his work if you are willing to scroll through.

Brian has a lovely eye for framing, texture, wildlife, and patterns, and his amazing patience (hours and hours of patience) pays off with the capture of extraordinary, decisive moments like a  blue heron battling a water snake or juvenile eagles sparring.  He then freezes these moments for viewers to later enjoy, I know that even though I hike and spend a great deal of time outdoors that I do not often (if ever) see such moments and his talk and images inspire me to try a little harder, get out a little earlier, and perhaps walk a bit quieter.  😉

I know he has a book for sale and some calendars, but at this moment I do not know that they are available online.

I would also encourage any interested parties to get out to Eagle Marsh off of Engle Road (or your backyard) and find some critters for yourself!



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